Wednesday, August 23, 2006

5 Promises to Kids Campaign

DC Action for Children launched its "5 Promises to Kids" campaign! Check it out here

Make Your Promise To DC Kids Today!

DC Action for Children's (DC ACT) 5 Promises to Kids Campaign urges the newly elected mayor of DC this November to address the most critical needs of the city's youngest residents. Over the next 2 months, beginning July 31, DC ACT will release 5 critical promises-one per week. We look to encourage city leadership to make and honor their commitment to children in DC. If you work or live in DC, please find out how you can support our campaign by clicking the link above. We hope that you will join this worthwhile movement!

Promise #1 Safe Children

Promise #2 Youth Opportunity

Promise #3 Fair Chance

Promise #4 Government Accountability

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