Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Blog Series

In the heat of the FY'12 Budget Season, it's tempting for DC's advocate community to fixate on what lies ahead and to lose sight of current challenges the city faces. With a looming budget gap of nearly $300 million for next year, it’s easy to forget that DC residents are already feeling the effects of reduced services and fewer programs from last year's budget gap closing.This is certainly true for DC's youth population.

While DCAYA has been guilty of this "future focused" mentality the last few weeks, we mean to make amends. To start we will be writing a new blog series that highlights the current state of affairs in the District's programming for children and youth.

We'll lead off the series with a closer look at the DCPS budget and the effect of cuts to summer school so be sure to check out our first post tomorrow morning!Our second blog in the series will be coming out on Friday (04/29/11) and then we'll have another post early next week!

Follow our posts over the next few weeks as we examine how budget cuts in key areas are already negatively effecting the lives of young people and be sure to leave comments and feedback if there is an area you would like to see us examine in greater depth.

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