Wednesday, October 12, 2016

So What is “Health Check” and What’s the Big Deal?

AmeriHealth is the largest Medicaid managed care organization (MCO) in DC with more than 100,000 members and a part of the AmeriHealth Caritas family of companies, a national leader in managed care. This month, Market President Karen Dale, shares why the "Health Check" is so important to you and your youth.

You’ve probably heard the term “Health Check” 100 times before, whether at the doctor’s office which is the most common, your insurance plan, on television, the radio, at school, or from an athletic coach.  So what is it?  Health Check is a regularly scheduled visit to a pediatrician or family doctor to ensure proper growth and good health for children and youth.  These visits start at birth and should continue until a person turns 21 years old.  The Health Check includes various screenings but the most familiar are a complete physical exam, immunizations if needed, dental screening, vision screening, hearing screening, lead screening, and even behavioral health screenings.  As the child gets older, some portions of the Health Check will change to incorporate some additional tests and screenings based on age, while other portions will no longer be needed.

But what’s the big deal?  Prevention!  Many childhood illnesses do not show up right away, and the Health Check exams can help keep children and youth healthy by spotting potential illness or challenge before it happens.  The Health Check exam including the up to date immunizations not only promotes proper growth and good health, but it is also used as the back-to-school and athletic participation requirement each school year.

Just like the leadership of all insurance organizations in the District, the Health Check and the overall wellness of children and youth is a main priority for myself as the Market President of AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia.  Care is the heart of our work and we are dedicated to helping members get care, stay well, and build healthy communities.  The Health Check is key in health prevention for all infants, children, and youth.  As an incentive for AmeriHealth Caritas DC youth ages 12-21, who are committed to being proactive about their health, AmeriHealth will reward individuals with a $25 gift card to H&M, DTLR, Chipotle, or Walmart upon completion and verification of the Health Check Physical by November 30th.  For more information on the incentive visit

Let’s Keep the District Children and Youth Healthy!  Encourage your friends and families to schedule an appointment with their doctor for their annual check-up!

Take Care,

Karen Dale
Market President of AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia

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