Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Top Ten Reasons to be a DCAYA Member

As budget season has come to an end, we thought we'd spend this time highlighting some of the reasons to join our DCAYA family, or renew your membership if you're already a member.

So here are our top ten reasons your organization should be a DCAYA member

Being a member saves you time. In fact, DCAYA was partially found because a number of youth-serving organization realized that individually they didn't have the time or resources to dig into the policy and legislative work needed because you're operating at capacity just supporting the programs and services to your youth. So where you don't have the time, we do.

So how do we save you time? We make legislation and legislators accessible. We take the time to breakdown legislation to make it and its consequences easily digestible. We understand the roles and relationships our elected and appointed representatives at the Council, the Mayor's Office, and various agencies have to the work you do.

And by being a member, you ensure you stay informed. We keep you updated, whether it be changes in major funding sources, opportunities to inform legislation with much needed testimony, and anything else that might help or hurt your ability to serve our youth.

Being a member guarantees you have a seat at the table, from community input meetings to testimony at budget hearings. We do our work best because it is informed by you and crafted for you. While we take the time to analyze and synthesize anecdotes and research, our advocacy is most effective when members like you show up. And making sure you know when and where to show up, as well as that our messaging is in line with your own experiences and insights, is a priority.

And as a part of the DCAYA family, you'll have a network of link-minded colleagues to connect with, who work with youth in all 8 wards of the District.

If community stewardship is important to you, membership can be a critical part of that. We help you keep tabs on the landscape of legislation, policy, and funding as it affects your work.

And because of that, we are able to be proactive in our advocacy, rather than reactive. So you may experience less of this.

Membership means you are joining a team of hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals, and there is power in numbers.

And while we are many, we speak with a unified voice. When we advocate, our policy makers and Councilmembers and other government representatives and officials are hearing a consistent message.

And last, but certainly not least, become a DCAYA member for your youth. Guiding our work is the idea that our policies benefit our young ones the most when their own experiences and voices inform the work from the beginning and not as an afterthought.

So, become a member or renew your organization's membership today.

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