Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let's Hear It For the Parents Part Deux

Another parent testimony from Monday's CYITC budget hearing!

Good Morning Chairman Graham and members of the Committee on Human Services.  Thank you for the opportunity to testify today,

My son, Maurice, attends the Kid Power after-school program at Prospect Learning Center. The program has benefited him tremendously.

My shy little boy has blossomed into a confident young man because of the program. The Kid Power staff are extremely patient and give him the positive attention and encouragement he desperately needed.

When Maurice was 9 years old he could not read and was on a first grade reading level. Now, two years later because of participating in the Kid Power program, he is at a 4th grade reading level. I am so grateful.

In addition to academics, Kid Power provides the students with many enrichment opportunities. He participates in gardening and cooking classes and learns about healthy eating. He gets to attend life-skills classes and learns about helping the community. He even gets to go on field trips. He has become a track superstar and has received many medals at Kid Power.  These experiences have given him the self-confidence he needs to excel in all areas of life.

Furthermore, these opportunities do not exist during the school day. Furthermore, the Kid Power programs give Maurice more hands-on learning activities that get him excited. For example, because he likes track, they designed math activities to around his running.

Therefore, I am here today to argue on behalf this program and I speak for many other parents who were not able to testify today. We believe strongly that the non-profit organizations like Kid Power should continue to be an important part of the after-school program.  When Maurice comes to Kid Power, I know he has a different environment than the school day. He actually enjoys staying after school.  As a parent, this is truly a blessing.

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