Monday, April 23, 2012

The Role of Youth Intermediaries

 Just a quick post today on some of the great research that exists around the role of youth intermediaries in other jurisdictions!

This report, even though its from 2003, is a great overview of different youth intermediary models and their various pros and cons. Of the problems that strong intermediaries help to solve, this report outlines:

1)Absence of a Clear Mandate
2)Lack of Program Standards
3)Variation in Program Quality
4) Staff Training and Retention
5)Inadequate Facilities and Supplies
6)Lack of Dedicated and Sustainable Funding
7)Unidentified Outcomes and Accountability Measures
8) Lack of Recognition

That's quite a list and our own CYITC has definitely helped to combat the overwhelming majority of these issues since its inception! 

Another great report:

This report came out of the UChicago's much revered Chapin Hall Center for Children. This report cites many of the same issues facing youth serving organizations that the above report mentions and additionally cites examples of several high-functioning intermediaries including: 

• The Youth Development Institute
of the Fund for the City of New

• Community Network for Youth
Development—San Francisco, CA

• YouthNet, Kansas City—Kansas
City, MO 

• The Chicago Youth Agency

• Community Partners—Los Angeles,

• Pinellas County Juvenile Welfare
Board—Pinellas County, FL

• The Minneapolis Youth
Coordinating Board

 During this time of uncertainty for our own Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation it is SO important that we recognize the absolutely vital roles that youth intermediaries can play when properly managed and funded. Hopefully these resources are helpful for all you youth advocates out there!

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