Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Face the Truth: DC Trust Budget Reduction will Hurt 2,391 Students

In past blogs, DCAYA has talked a lot about the DCPS afterschool budget cut and the effect it will have on the afterschool infrastructure by laying off 25 DCPS-OSTP coordinators.

Read more about the DCPS budget cut: Budget Cuts to DC Afterschool Programs

Sadly, the damage to afterschool programming doesn’t stop there. The DC Trust did not receive $2.5 million for their afterschool grants in the proposed FY16 budget. These afterschool grants support 78 youth-serving organizations across the District. Programs like DC SCORES, Higher Achievement, and Words, Beats, & Life, Inc., are just a few DC Trust grantees who will lose funding if the $2.5 million is not restored.

The impact these organizations’ have on a students’ development goes beyond just words. View the faces of the children and youth who may lose their favorite afterschool programs if funding is not restored and sustained for future budget cycles.

Save DC's Afterschool Programs by Slidely Slideshow

There is still time to save the funding for afterschool programs and restore the $2.5 million for afterschool grants! The DC Trust Budget Oversight Hearing is on Friday, May 1 at 10AM at the Wilson Building. Parents, providers, students, and community members can testify! Below are links and resources to sign up to testify.

Sign-up to Testify: DC Trust Budget Hearing

Common Questions about Testifying: Resources for Advocacy Season

Example Testimonies: Advocates Testify to Keep Out-of-School Time Funding Stable

Also, sign the petition to save afterschool funding! The combined cuts to afterschool programs will put extreme pressure on youth development organizations and harm students eager to learn about the world outside of the classroom. Stand up for these programs by signing and sharing the petition with family members, parents, and neighbors.

All young people deserve a safe, fun, and positive learning environment between the hours of 3pm and 6pm. Join the #SaveAfterschoolDC conversation on social media and ask DC Council to Save Afterschool!

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