Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Help Us Leap into 2016!

As 2015 is about to wrap-up, we can’t help but reflect and be grateful for all that we’ve accomplished this year, because of people like you. 

 You and your fellow community supporters are parents and teachers, DCAYA donors and volunteers, DC natives and even out-of-town advocates for DC youth. You help to raise awareness of our advocacy efforts and initiatives one person at a time, when you share our work with your own friends and families. And we are grateful for all you do to stay engaged and spread the word, all year round. 

 With your engagement and support, this year has been amazing: 
  • We've completed a homeless youth census, over 15 new beds for homeless youth are online, and both drop in center and youth focused outreach services have expanded;
  • A full, data driven, plan to address youth homelessness (due in March!), expanded services to homeless minors and the closure of DC general are on the horizon;
  • We protected a critical funding stream, and successfully advocated for a restoration of cut funds to youth development programs outside of the school day;
  • We are one final vote away from a State Diploma for GED recipients, and we’re making significant strides in expanding transportation support to the 800 (or so) 22-24 year old students seeking to re-connect to education. 
And as 2015 is almost over, our work is far from it. In fact, we hit the ground running in 2016, with an Expanded Learning Advocacy Planning meeting in just two weeks! So please join the rest of the Catalogue for Philanthropy family, and consider “Giving Like a Local” for DC Youth. It’s simple to make a donation, just go to our Catalogue for Philanthropy donation page and give what you can.

Thank you, in advance! And see you in 2016,

Your friends at DCAYA

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