Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I Care 100% about Homeless DC Youth

Revised On 5/29/2014 with a message from the DC Alliance of Youth Advocates Executive Director Maggie Riden:

On March 28th, 2014 the DC Council voted to invest $1.3 million into the End Youth Homelessness Amendment Act. While it is not the funding mark we advocates pushed for, it is a 15% increase to homeless youth resources from the FY’14 budget, which is a significant step in the right direction.

More importantly though, we still have an opportunity to increase this investment.

In June, the Office of the Chief Financial Officer will release an updated revenue forecast for 2015 and there is a high level of confidence that this forecast will be higher than anticipated. When this happens, Council will come back to the table to decide how this additional funding will be spent in the 2015 budget. This means that between now through June we need your help in making sure Councilmembers understand the importance of the End Youth Homelessness Amendment Act and that it stays high on the list of funding priorities.

Please continue to ask your councilmembers through emails, personal calls, direct tweets, and creative activism to fully fund the End Youth Homelessness Amendment Act. It is through our collective power that we influenced millions in funding already, and with this final push and cohesive call to action we can make sure every young person in DC has a safe place to call home. Thank you for your ardent activism over the past few months as we’ve worked together to ensure funding for our city’s most vulnerable, yet resilient youth.  

-         -  Maggie Riden


The DC council votes on the final budget today and only 1.3 million is allotted for the Homeless Youth Act. 

1.3 million is only 13% of the funding needed to provide services to not only house youth, but make sure they become self sustaining adults. 

Tell the DC Council you care 100% about our city’s homeless youth! 

What happens if DC only cares 13%? 

Less Beds = youth will still be turned away during their most desperate time of need

No Family Re-Unification Program = interventions that could mend broken families and reunite children and parents will not exist 

Limited Street Outreach = hungry, tired, desperate young people still won’t have caring adults coming to them and saying “We can help you. Here is some food. Here is some water. Here is where you can find a safe place to sleep.”  

No Fully Developed Drop-In Center = youth don’t know where to turn to for help and now, they still won’t know where to go 

Today is your last day to really make your voice matter! Please tell each and every councilmember that you care 100%. And so should they.

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Testimonies from the End Youth Homelessness Amendment Act Hearing

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